Here Are All The Sneakers That Have Sold For Over $10,000 at Auction

Footwear News ranks every sneaker sold for over $10,000 on SCP Auctions and Heritage Auctions.

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Anyone can set an outrageous asking price for an auction, but the real indicator of a sneaker's worth is what someone actually paid. To better understand what's really bringing in the cash, Footwear News scoured through online auction houses SCP Auctions and Heritage Auctions for every sneaker to sell for more than $10,000.

So far, only twelve sneakers have been able to eclipse the $10k mark. Each pair is either game-worn or autographed by top tier athletes, including Michael Jordan's $71,554 1984 Nike Air Ships, LeBron James' $27,584 "Newton CT" inscribed Nike LeBron Xs from 2012, and Larry Bird's $18,678 game-worn Converse Weapons. 

Head over to Footwear News now for the full recap, but keep in mind this does not include eBay auctions.