This Sneakerhead Went to Extreme Lengths to Have His Yeezy Boosts Signed by Kanye

Find out how one Russian sneakerhead went above and beyond to have his Yeezy Boosts signed by Kanye himself.

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Shortly after the Yeezy Boost's February launch, we tracked down the first person to have a pair autographed by Kanye himself. Months later, we found another. As impressive as those stories were, they pale in comparison to what this Russian sneakerhead did.

After obtaining two pairs of Yeezy Boosts during the release in Moscow, a sneakerhead by the name of Bagrat, who is of Armenian descent, decided that the prized sneakers just weren't enough on their own. Bagrat had heard rumors of Kanye and Kim visiting Armenia, so he booked a flight in effort to attempt the seemingly improbable, we were told by a source close to Bagrat.

Bagrat's arrived and quickly went to work. His first attempt at getting a signature came when the power couple were filming an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, but Kanye ignored the autograph seeker. Later, Bagrat tried catching up with Yeezy at a hotel, only for Kanye to sneak out of the backdoor. Close to giving up hope, Bagrat was phoned by his girlfriend who said she had spotted Kim and Kanye eating dinner at her uncle's restaurant.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed to the public, leaving Bagrat stuck outside. After making a few calls, Bagrat's family connection came through and allowed him to enter, where he was then met by Kanye's bodyguards. Bagrat pleaded with the security, who allowed him to wait until the couple finished eating to ask for an autograph. When everything was said and done, the plan came to fruition and Bagrat left with two pairs of signed Yeezy Boosts, thanks to one of his friends who also met Kanye.

Now, he's looking to make some extra cash with one of the pairs. The signed sneakers have been listed on K'lekt for $11,302.