The World of Imaginary Sneaker Collaborations Collide With Pop Culture

A Polish artist is celebrating London's Crepe City event by imagining​ classic sneakers with pop culture references.

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No matter how much dope sneaker art you've seen, chances are you've never seen it done quite like this.

Polish illustrator Olka Osadzińska, best known to sneakerheads for her series of Reebok collaborations, is celebrating London's Crepe City event by combining​ classic silhouettes with pop culture references. 

"Andy Warhol wore Reeboks, every classic '80s and '90s film has its sneaker moment, it's hard to imagine the street-art or the hip-hop scenes without them. And this is where I come from visually, as someone growing up in a golden era of the most inspiring advertising for pop-culture brands," said Osadzińska.

Among the most notable of Osadzińska's creations are her Lego x New Balance, Jurassic Park x Nike, and Jeff Koons x Balenciaga interpretations. Check out the full range below.


[via New York Mag]

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