A Rare Interview With Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight

A Q&A with the former chairman.

Image via Stanford Daily

Anytime that Nike co-founder Phil Knight grants an interview, you know it's going to be good, and the former chairman's latest Q&A with Business Journal is a must-read.

Less than 24 hours removed from stepping down from Nike's board of directors, Knight told Business Journal that he's expecting a seamless transition as former CEO Mark Parker takes over Knight's spot as chairman. "I won't have any words of advice for him at that time as he's already gotten any wisdom I've got," Knight said. "His door is always open. We have a good relationship and good communication."

The interview starts at the beginning of Nike's legacy, when Knight struck a deal with Onitsuka in 1962 to import track shoes. Although this period was covered in-depth in Knight's recent memoir Shoe Dog, there are a few revelations in the interview, including more details on the co-founder's promise to donate his fortune to charity

"Obviously, the bulk of my Nike shares have been set up in a trust," the always-philanthropic Knight said. "Those shares ultimately will go to charity. But it won’t be for at least 35 years."

Read the interview in its entirety here.