Here's Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Rare Kicks Laying Around at a Sneaker Convention

A Massachusetts man lost his "Doernbecher" Foamposites after leaving them unattended at a sneaker convention.

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Although it should go without saying, leaving your prized pairs unattended at a sneaker convention is just asking for problems. While that may sound like common sense, one Massachusetts man had to learn this lesson the hard way.

According to Newton Patch, a man was in attendance at Newton's Sneaker Showcase event last Saturday when he made a costly mistake. He had just copped a pair of "Doernbecher" Foamposites but then felt the urge to get in a quick game of basketball. The man laid the sneakers down and went to play, only to find that the Foams had vanished upon his return. 

Now, he's working with police to track down the cherished kicks, but we're just hoping he'll also learn from this mistake. This is a classic example of when #BallIsLife goes wrong. 

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