Kanye West Says He Makes More Money on Shoes Than Michael Jordan

Kanye West says he makes more money on shoes than Michael Jordan plus more sneaker-related tweets.

Kanye West Yeezy

Kanye West announcing his longterm partnership with Adidas in 2016. Image via Adidas

Kanye West Yeezy

Kanye West continues to sound off on Twitter today, touting the strength of his Yeezy brand and making a rather questionable statement regarding shoe sales.

"I am currently the single highest paid person in footwear. That means I make more money on shoes than Michael Jordan," West wrote. While this statement can be interpreted a few different ways—he could simply mean he's paid a higher percentage per pair—one thing's for sure: Kanye is not the single highest paid person in footwear, or even athletic footwear for that matter.

According to Forbes, Jordan's Nike deal earned him around $110 million last year, which recently helped bump his net worth to $1.65 billion. Meanwhile, Nike co-founder Phil Knight has an estimated net worth of $30.1 billion. Adidas' 2016 global revenue was around $23.5 billion, while Nike's was $30.6 billion with $2.8 billion in Jordan Brand alone. 

While revenue figures for the Yeezy line are not available, Kanye says that the brand will "hit a billion dollars this year." Unless Kanye has somehow managed to negotiate a better deal than MJ, it's unlikely that he makes more than His Airness—and he's certainly not bringing home more than Knight.

Other noteworthy yet unverifiable claims from Ye's Twitter stream include comparing the rate of Yeezy 350 sales to iPhones (Kanye says Adidas sells 400,000 pairs in four hours) and the success of the Yeezy 500 and Yeezy Boost 700 models, the latter of which he says is the brand's "most requested shoe."