Former Nike Designers Fire Back with Counter Lawsuit Claiming Privacy Rights Were Violated

The legal battle between Nike and their three former designers is beginning to heat up.

Image via Oregon Live

The ongoing courtroom saga between Nike and former designers Marc Dolce, Denis Dekovic, and Mark Miner has taken yet another plot twist.

On Tuesday, the trio formally disputed the Swoosh's allegations, addressing Nike's claims of stealing designs and trade secrets, calling them meritless. "The designers are not interested in and will not use old Nike designs or old Nike ideas in their new venture ... None of the designers have ever passed any trade secret information to adidas or any other competitor, and they will not ever do so," the response states. 

The three have also filed a counter lawsuit claiming their privacy rights were violated when Nike accessed their social media accounts, and even point out that Nike's own Instagram account saw a drop of over a quarter-million "fake followers." Gotta fight fire with fire, right?

For a full rundown of their response, head over to the Portland Business Journal.



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