Adam Jones Had to Wait a Year to Get His Big Baller Brand ZO2s

5-time MLB All-Star Adam Jones says he waited a year to get his Big Baller Brand ZO2 Lonzo Ball sneaker delivery.

Adam Jones
Image via Getty / Scott Taetsch
Adam Jones

Anyone who's ever preordered sneakers online can likely attest to the frustration of long waits and uncommunicative customer service, but Baltimore Orioles vet Adam Jones had an unusually difficult time getting his hands on Lonzo Ball's Big Baller Brand ZO2.

The center fielder took to his Instagram story to vent his frustrations. "I'm not one to complain, but these something [that] just got here," Jones said of the $495 sneakers. "I bought these a year ago. They just got here."

The original ZO2 was made available for preorder in May 2017, so it's believable that Jones could've been waiting since then to receive them. An updated version of the sneaker was introduced to much controversy last September, yet preorders were still expected to ship by November, so there's not much of an explanation for Jones' alleged late delivery.

Many of the reviews contributing to Big Baller Brand's F rating from the Better Business Bureau voice similar complaints, with several customers describing lengthy waits for fulfillment. 

Although it's refreshing to see that even celebrities aren't getting early pairs, no one should have to deal with a year-long delay—especially after dropping nearly $500.