An Economics Textbook Taught Sneakerheads What Shoes They Should Buy

This will make you want to learn.

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We've heard stories of creative teachers using sneakers to enhance lesson plans, but it's pretty rare to find a dated textbook with this much heat on display. 

A Reddit user shared this photo from his school's Econ textbook which poses a question that perfectly defines the sneakerhead struggle: "Would you choose the most expensive shoes or the least expensive shoes? How would this decision affect other decisions?"

Wow, that's actually pretty deep. But instead of analyzing the text, we're more fixated on the O.G. heat like the "Infrared" Air Max 90 and New Balance 997s and 1500s on the wall. Not only is this a dope dose of nostalgia, but it's also proof that things haven't really changed as much as some would lead you to believe.