REVIEW: Wall-Ride Like a Pro in the DC Wes Kremer S

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Category: Skateboarding

Best For: Technical Street Skating

Star Feature: Super Suede

Weight: 340.5 grams

This is Sk8Mafia pro Wes Kremer's first signature model with DC and it's a clean-looking low top built for demolition. Kremer's someone I like to refer to as "Wall-riding Wes,"because he gets on any surface no matter the angle. He's the type of guy who'll skate any spot. That kind of approach to skateboarding requires a tough, comfortable shoe that won't hurt you each time you suffer a harsh landing. DC made him a tough vulc sole shoe that does all of this.

Once you put them on you'll notice the toe box is a bit snug, which is the trend in skateboarding now. Narrower toe boxes give you more flexibility, but they may not work for everyone. I had an interesting experience with them; my big toe on my left foot didn't fit it as comfortably as my right foot, which sucks when your stance is regular, but I made it work. The flexibility is ideal for split second tricks, like flipping in and out of manuals or grinds.

The Impact S insole is made of polyurethane (PU) and it's been perplexing to me because I can't understand how it works. It's not like most PU, in that this one feels rubbery on the bottom and it gives really well. The bounciness of the insole is what makes it work. No matter how your feet are placed, that insole has you covered, sort of like memory foam. With that and the vulc sole, you should feel more confident jumping down stuff.

The upper's exterior is like a fortress of super suede, surrounded by a moat of vulcanization. Ok that was a really corny way of saying your board won't be ripping any holes in this shoe anytime soon, but it's somewhat true because the suede and vulc sidewalls are damn near impenetrable. This is without triple stitching the upper's pieces together. You'll wear the shoe down eventually, but it's pretty much the way DC wanted it. They wouldn't call it super suede, if you could easily rip through it.

Bottom line: There are a few shoes out there with this kind of narrow toe box shape, but they aren't crafted with DC's juiced up super suede. At $70 this is a great choice for parents sick of buying skate shoes every four weeks. Instead you can break it down to mom or dad as a 4-month investment at $17.50 per month.

Reggie Altema is a Haitian writer from New Jersey who grew up obsessed with music and skateboarding but despised east coast winters, so the former Fat Beats New York employee escaped to Los Angeles where he could skate all year round. When he’s not out walking his pitbulls, he listens to Bebop and contributes to ESPN Skateboarding and Sneaker Report.

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