You Might Get Seven Years of Bad Luck After Seeing These 'Mirror' Foamposites

What exactly happened to these 'Mirror' Nike Air Foamposite Ones?

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If breaking a mirror constitutes seven years of bad luck, then what do these "Mirror" Nike Air Foamposite Ones get you?

Photos shared on Imgur depict a pair of the highly coveted Mirror Foams in pretty miserable shape. Considering all we have are these images and no back story, we can only make assumptions as to what happened to this particular pair. Was it from regular wear and tear or did the owner go out of his way to destroy their pair? Who knows?  But it's a bit disheartening to see how woeful these can get after some use. I mean, they are shoes. They're meant to be worn.

But with heads having spent almost $300 to cop, and even more on the secondary market, you'd expect the quality to be higher. 

Based on the wear and damage, it looks like Nike simply wrapped the Foam upper in a Mirror finish which explains the peeling and scraping seen in these photos. If there was anything to dissuade a collector from copping these, it's probably going to be either price or these images here.

[via Imgur]


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