Some People Have Already Found a Way to Game Nike's New Release System

Nike's New Launch Drawing System Has Been Gamed.

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With the announcement of Nike's new Launch Drawing System, it was assumed by many that Nike had finally figured out a way to level the online playing field. The system involves @NikeStore tweeting a link to a release drawing and those interested can enter using both their Nike+ account as well as a verified phone number. The system, theoretically, should slow some people down, but it appears those truly determined to game the system and cop their sneakers have already found a way to do so.

First reported onSole Collector, screen captures shared on Twitter indicate that a few people have found ways to enter the drawings several times. The use of a verified phone number should've hampered individuals from doing this, but some have figured out a method of generating numerous and, apparently, legitimate phone numbers.

It's a bit disconcerting the lengths that some folks will go through to cop kicks, but this is the current state of the game and sneakerheads are showing their ability to adapt quickly to change. It'll be interesting to see how Nike responds to this latest issue.