Madness Broke Out at an adidas NMD Release This Weekend

Thai sneakerheads went a bit crazy over the "Gltich" adidas NMD R1.

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This weekend's release of the adidas NMD R1 "Glitch" caused a bit of chaos at a mall in Thailand.

In a story reported by Coconuts Bangkok, Thai sneakerheads gathered at an adidas store in Bangkok's Siam Center only to have the release ruined by some overzealous fans. As the shop prepared to open on Saturday morning, people began to position themselves aggressively towards the entrance causing the doors to get damaged. One customer reportedly fainted while others had their clothing torn, eye glasses broken, and some even lost their sneakers during the madness.

The shop, which only had 51 pairs to sell, decided it would not open over concerns people would stomp themselves to death and elected to conduct a raffle instead. It's unclear whether or not the raffle has taken place, but many folks expressed anger over the shop's decision by venting on Facebook. Adidas responded to some of the angry comment by apologizing for the inconvenience.