Does Concepts Have Another Nike SB Collab on the Way?

Something's a brewing.

Photo via cncpt's Instagram

It looks like Cambridge, Mass. retailer and streetwear O.G. CNCPTS has something in the works with Nike SB again.

Earlier today, CNCPTS took to its Instagram account to post an image of "Nike SB" signage with a simple "Meetings... #justdoit #cncpts" in the description. For fans of both brands and the sneaker community, this is big news. Past CNCPTS and Nike SB collaborations are some of the most well-thought out and sought-after collaborations in the shoe game. From the initial "Lobster" collabs to the more recent "Ugly Sweater" SBs, the two parties have managed to create a cult following for its products.

What will this most recent meeting bring about? We'll just have to wait and see.

[via cncpts' Instagram