You Won't Believe How Much Nike Spends on "Demand Creation"

Matt Powell found that Nike spent more than $3billion on something they call "Demand Creation."

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Matt Powell, the divisive “Sneakerologist” over at Forbes and SportsOneSource, just punched the latest numbers from Nike about their 2014 Fiscal year. Nike’s fiscal year ends on May 31, so the information has been rolling out the last two months, with analysis hot on its tail.

Matt jumped on Twitter to report the numbers in four concise tweets that include information about retail chains that carry Nike, their own stores, where they manufacture their products, and what they spend on marketing.

That last one is breathtaking. According to their own Fiscal Reports, Nike spent $3.031 billion on what they call “Demand Creation.” Nike’s a little fuzzy on what that means (marketing can be anything from a TV ad buy to a collaboration with a niche shop). According to Matt it's "Nike-speak for 'Advertising.'" That means that Nike spends about $100 per second on advertising. That’s right, in the time it’s taken you to read this post Nike spend about $4,000 on “Demand Creation.” How much money did you make today?