Complex Media Acquires Sole Collector

Sole Collector x Complex.

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Today, we are proud to announce that of one of the longest running and most respected sneaker media outlets in the world, Sole Collector is being acquired by Complex Media. 

Sole Collector is known for its member-driven message forum that has over 385,000 members and its premium print publication, which is one of the longest running sneaker magazines in the world. Originally founded in 2003 by Steve Mullholand, Sole Collector has stayed at the forefront of the premium sneaker culture through incredible photography, detailed interviews and storytelling, and every sneakerhead's favorite, collaborative sneakers with the best brands in the business.

Sole Collector will maintain its operations and staff, providing the unique experience to its readers and forum members have come to enjoy. The acquisition will allow both Complex and Sole Collector to collaborate on projects and ultimately provide the very best content for the sneaker enthusiast community.