Virgil Abloh Calls Out Fake Off-White Jordans

Virgil Abloh responds to photos of a fake Off-White x Air Jordan 1.

Virgil Abloh x Nike

Image via Nike

Virgil Abloh x Nike

Virgil Abloh is cracking down on the fakes of his Off-White x Air Jordan 1 design circulating online. It's no secret that the most sought-after sneakers are prone to being knocked off, and the latest shoe that's fallen victim is the white Off-White x Air Jordan 1 that's rumored to release in 2018. 

Abloh shunned the shoe, calling it "not real" when Hypbeast posted it on Instagram. He's done the same on other accounts that posted images of this sneaker.

Virgil Abloh Fake Jordans

Just to be clear, that doesn't mean that a shoe like this isn't happening at some point. Some photos circulating have yet to be called out by Abloh, and leaked style info suggests a white colorway of his Jordan 1 is coming. 

Whether this particular pair is releasing or not, Nike has confirmed that its partnership with Abloh will extend into 2018 in some form.

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