The Devil's New Balance Is Autographed by Bill and Hillary Clinton

On this episode of 'One of One,' Richie Roxas tells the story behind his New Balance 666 autographed by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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In the latest episode of One of One, we take a look at something a little different. Collector Richie Roxas shares his story about the questionably named New Balance 666 signed by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Roxas says he acquired the sneaker off of Ebay for $200. It was signed by the Clintons in 1992, a few months before Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States. Even the owner jokes about how signing this sneaker was the husband and wife politicians showing their approval of the devil due to the silhouette's number. Only one shoe remains from the pair, which boasts both signatures. The model itself isn't the most flattering—the all-white low top looks like it was made strictly for the 65 and up crowd. 

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