What Does the Industry Think of the Ugly Sneaker Trend?

Dad sneakers have become popular in 2017. But what do industry insiders think of them?

The dad sneaker trend has creeped into the mainstream, and big chunky shoes have become all the rage as of late. When models such as the New Balance 990v4 and the Balenciaga Triple S have gained popularity, there's definitely something going on.

In a recent story by High Snobiety, editor Chris Danforth talked to industry experts on what they think of these sneakers having a moment right now. "I think it’s backlash from some of the flamboyant silhouettes that were popular a few years back, like the Nike Air Yeezy range, Buscemis and Balenciaga Arenas," says Crepe City's Morgan Weekes.

The surprising thing, however, is that even though light, sock-like shoes have dominated the sneaker business as of late, people are feeling the bulky shoes. "Right now, I’m finding myself putting on lighter and more breathable silhouettes like the Vaporfly or Mars Yard. However, I still have a lot of love for retro silhouettes. Perhaps not as chunky as the Triple S, but the Jordan III & IV are always a staple for me, and will still be relevant long after this conversation looks dated. Also, shout out Air Monarchs – I see you, Dad," says Niche's Dennis Todisco.

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