This Fashion Week Shows How to Wear Sneakers, Be Stylish, and Not Look Like a Jerk

Copenhagen Fashion Week brought out some great sneakers, and here are some of the best shots.

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The biggest critique of fashion's new-found love for sneakers is that many of the people involved in the trend don't know very much about them. And that's not wrong by any means. Over in Europe, though, there's a fashion week that just went down in Copenhagen, Denmark, and some of those who came out showed how to effortlessly wear athletic footwear with more trend-savvy looks.

The good folks over at Sneakers Addict captured some of the participants, and they were wearing everything from Yeezy Boosts to Nike Frees to sneakers from Y-3 and Celine. But no one looked bad or like they had purchased their sneakers the night before after reading NikeTalk for the first time.

Check the shots below and learn how to step up your game. The rest of the rundown can be viewed here.