Andre Iguodala Details What it's Like to Have a Nike Sneaker Deal

Andre Iguodala detailed how many colorways Nike gives him per season.

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If you ask some young basketball players what their dream is, you're likely to hear something along the lines of playing in the NBA and signing a sneaker deal. That's the dream for a lot of athletes, and the reigning NBA Finals MVP, Andre Iguodala, is living both of them. The sneaker contract part has to mean a lot to Iguodala, who's a long-time collector. He recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about his sneaker collection and the perks of being a Nike athlete.

A lot of people assume that NBA players rock a new pair every night, and while he's definitely welcome to, Iguodala prefers to break his in and wear them for about five games each. Another thing he talked about was the rotation of models and colorways that Nike provides him with per season. "A Nike man by contract, the Oregon-based company gives him two shoe options each season with three colorways for each shoe, allowing him to switch it up as often has he chooses," reports Sports Illustrated. This rotation makes sense for Nike as it allows the brand to showcase its series of non-signature kicks on the court. This season, he's wearing the "Hyperchase" model, giving it plenty of visibility with how many highlights the Golden State Warriors are generating. With the NBA season still in its first month, expect to see Iguodala break out some more Nike colorways soon.

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