The "Red Octobers" Aren't Even the Most Expensive Nike Yeezys

Then what is?

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The Nike Air Yeezy II "Red October" was hyped up for months as soon as Kanye West was seen wearing the sneakers, and people speculated if the shoes would ever come out after he left the brand for adidas. The buzz around the shoes was so real that Nike dropped a purchase link on Twitter with no prior warning on a random Sunday afternoon and they sold out within a few minutes. So it might be surprising to hear it isn't even the most valuable Yeezy sneaker from Nike.

In a recent Sneakerwatch video, Jaime of consignment shop RIF LA says that the "Solar Red" Nike Air Yeezy II has jumped over the "Red October" Yeezy II in value. As of now, the Solar color way is going for $5,000, while the Red Octobers are selling for $3,700-$3,900.

The value of the Solars have rose up "a lot in the past 6 months," he says. According to Jaime, the reason for the possible dip in the Red October's value is due to the lack of quality in the shoes (such as glue marks).

Whenever Yeezys are brought up, the Nike vs. Adidas debate comes up. As far as the hot button debate between the Nike Yeezys and Adidas Yeezy, Jaime says its like, "Comparing apples to oranges," with each shoe having its own lane in the sneaker industry.