Complex Interview: Lil Wayne Talks New SPECTRE, by Supra Brand

We caught up with Weezy down in Miami.

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Interview by Jonathan Sawyer (@JSawyer86)

On Friday, May 3, we had the opportunity to attend the launch event for Lil Wayne's anticipated SPECTRE, by Supra brand, down in Miami, Florida. Upon arriving, it was clear that the night would be a star-studded affair, as the legendary (and now short-haired) Chad Muska walked right by us at the entryway, skateboard in hand. When stepping into the venue, Wayne's first delivery from the line, the Chimera, was vibrantly showcased at the door. Directly in front of us then was a dimly-lit half-pipe, as the likes of Muska, Stevie Williams, Boo Johnson and Chad Ortiz, amongst others, were tearing it up, seemingly without a care in the world. And yes — Wayne did eventually drop in. 

While waiting for the Young Money maven to arrive, we came across such influentials as Bun B, Don Cannon, Stevie J, Cortez Bryant and Mack Maine, just to name a few. Once the colorfully-clad Weezy finally made his appearance (as time was pressed due to Wayne needing to make his presence known on the floor), our talk of course quickly surrounded his new brand with Supra, as he very early on disclosed that he left the design work up to the professionals.

"I'm not a shoe designer. I don't design shoes. I don't step out of bounds. I do what I do. And they do what they do. And it works that way."

With Wayne having the undeniable affinity for outlandish threads and bright shades, he then went on to say that Supra is trying to make SPECTRE fit his fashion sense as an individual.

"They are pretty much trying to make it fit me as well as it can, to try to be as much as a reflection of me as it can be."

When asked about the long-lasting connection between hip-hop and fashion, Tunechi let loose his short and straight-to-the-point explanation:

"Because hip-hop is an expression. And fashion is an expression. And the two go together hand in hand perfectly."

Wayne now being all about skating himself, we of course had to get the scoop on what he likes to wear and how his new-found love for boarding has affected his style. We also questioned in regards to if he had thought about a collab between his brand Trukfit and Supra — to which he responded that he hadn't brainstormed that one yet, as that would (jokingly) be our idea. Yeah — we'll be waiting for that royalty check, boss.

Lil Wayne's SPECTRE, by Supra range will begin seeing roll-outs all throughout 2013, with the first delivery, the Chimera, officially dropping off on May 18. And check the video for Weezy's full answers.