Kanye West Autographed Nike Air Yeezys for a Fan at X Games Austin

Kanye West signs Nike Air Yeezy I "Net/Net" sneakers at X Games Austin.

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Kanye West performed at X Games Austin tonight and was spotted signing "Net/Net" Nike Air Yeezy Is for a fan in the front row.

This isn't the first time Kanye has autographed his infamous Yeezy sneakers. In February, he signed a pair of "Red Octobers" when his "Yeezus" tour made a stop in New York. And just last month, he autographed another pair of the all-red Yeezy IIs, which he called out as fakes.

Kanye signs Yeezys at X Games Austin performance. #xgames #xgamesatx #XGamesAustin pic.twitter.com/H6sHFuT6uS
Kanye signing sneakers for people in the front row. #XGamesAustin #xgamesatx #xgames

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