A Japanese Brand Designed an Air Jordan VI-Inspired Sneaker That Will Break the Bank

A preview of Air Jordan VI-inspired sneakers by Hender Scheme.

Air Jordan VI-Inspired Hender Scheme Sneaker

Welp, looks like Hender Scheme is at it again.

The Japanese label known for its quality leather goods has given the Air Jordan VI a high-end makeover. Constructed of natural leather, the sneaker's paneling and overall silhouette match up with the VIs perfectly. The pair even has the perforated details on the heel down to a tee.

If Hender Sceme's catalog of other hand-made sneakers, including works inspired by the Air Jordan IV and Air Force 1, are any indication, expect to spend upwards of a stack on a pair.

It's nice, but does it have O.G. 3M reflective underlays? We thought so.

[via @Frais]