The Visvim FBT Is Coming Back This Fall With a Super Luxe Update

Visvim revisits the iconic FBT sneaker with luxurious elk leather and clean colorways.

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Part Native American moccasin, part EVA-soled runner, the FBT is an interesting shoe silhouette that’s garnered a Holy Grail—like status amongst menswear nerds and sneakerheads alike. Sure, the price of admission is steep, but anyone who’s ever rocked a pair will attest to the unrivaled comfort the shoe offers.

Visvim designer and steez shaman Hiroki Nakamura named the shoes for English new wave band Fun Boy Three after seeing band member Terry Hall in a pair of moccasin-like shoes on an album cover. But the FBT abbreviation has also picked up a funnier, more zeitgeisty translation—the Fucc Boi Trainer.

For Fall, Visvim’s dropping a series of FBTs made of high-class elk leather, including a whited-out version that stands apart from the pack. It’s a throwback collection of quality footwear that fun boys and fuccbois can both appreciate.

The "Elk" Visvim FBT  will be available at retailers like this Fall for $715.