The Tennis World Awaits the Release of Novak Djokovic's Latest Tennis Racket from Head

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If you're like one of many tennis fans around the world eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of Head's latest tennis racket for World No. 1 ranked player Novak Djokovic, you won't have to wait much longer—Djoker’s new weapon, which has been kept under wraps ever since it was first announced, will be available starting tomorrow, January 11.

While we’ve been instructed not to divulge any detailed information about the racket just yet, Head was kind enough to send the Sneaker Report crew a sample to test out—and believe us when we say we didn’t waste any time hitting the court. We’ll share a complete review of the racket will you in the next couple of days, but until then, you should know whether the lightweight racket is even worth buying—the short answer to that is yes, yes it is.

Designed to elevate your skills to new heights, the racket packs a mean punch despite its unbelievably light construction. A streamlined design allows for less drag, making your ground strokes as smooth as butter. The racket handles just as well on serve-and-volley play—something that is right in line with Novak’s playing style.

Check back this weekend for a complete breakdown of Novak’s secret weapon.

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