HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: 10 Basketball Socks We Want This Year

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What do barefoot running and basketball have in common? Absolutely nothing—in fact, they couldn’t be more different.

Unlike barefoot running sneakers, basketball kicks are designed to be worn WITH socks. The physical nature of basketball relies on a solid pair of socks to keep the feet protected from impact on the hardwood, not to mention they keep that sweat in check. Where normal socks don’t quite do the trick, sometimes leading to cuts and blisters, socks designed specifically for hoops feature moisture-wicking properties, extra padding around the heel and toes, and arch support for stability (amongst other things). Needless to say, having a good pair of socks is almost just as important as the kicks you decide to rock to your next pick-up game.

Of course, if you consider yourself a serious baller you’ve probably figured this out by now. In case you haven’t, here’s a tip: buy socks made for basketball! Here are a few recommendations from the Sneaker Report team.

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No. 1 - Nike Dri-FIT Elite Crew Sock

Key Feature: If you're a serious baller, the Nike Elite socks are a must. The Dri-FIT fabric wicks away sweat and footstrike cushioning aligns with pressure patterns for comfort.



No. 2 - adidas D Rose Crew Sock

Key Feature: Anatomically shaped left and right footbed enhances your natural movement up and down the court—something D Rose himself would approve of.



No. 3 - Jordan Low Quarter Sock

Key Feature: On days you feel like rocking a pair of low-tops grab yourself a pair of the Jordan Low Quarters. Aside from the slick color-blocked design, the socks come with added terry cushioning at the heel and toe for comfort in high-wear areas.



No. 4 - Under Armour Zagger Crew Sock

Key Feature: Anti-Odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes so your socks (and your feet) stay fresh longer.



No. 5 - Jordan Dri-FIT Crew Sock

Key Feature: The Jordan Dri-FIT socks feature articulated cushioning in key zones for shock absorption and comfort in the heat of the game.



No. 6 - adidas Team Speed Crew Sock

Key Feature: These adidas socks feature a compression fit to keep them securely in place.



No. 7 - For Bare Feet NBA Logoman Camo

Key Feature: Camo has been a hot sports trend this year. These Fore Bare Feet socks feature a sweet design along with the NBA logo to make them official.



No. 8 - Nike Elite 2.0 Sock

Key Feature: Rib cuffs for a snug fit and arch support for stability.



No. 9 - Jordan Gameday Crew Sock

Key Feature: The sole of MJ and articulated cushioning in key areas for shock absorption



No. 10 - NBA Logoman Quarter Length Sock

Key Feature: Made with a blend of acrylic, cotton, and nylon, for superior softness and stretchy comfort on your feet.



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