Cordura AFT Targets the Knitted Footwear Market

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Move over Nike Flyknit, there's a new player in the knitted footwear category—well sort of.

Textile brand Cordura has been around for quite some time now. The maker of high-tenacity nylon and polyester fabrics, Cordura has been credited with brining its high-grade fabrics to the outdoor gear industry.

Now, as knitted footwear marks the dawn of a new era in performance footwear and apparel, Cordura is shifting its focus just to adapt to the new trend. The brand is making its Cordura AFT (Air Flow Technology) available in knitted mesh constructions for use in the footwear market.

"Targeted applications for the Cordura AFT knit fabrics include athletic and outdoor active shoes that require a high degree of durability," said Cynthia McNaull, global Cordura brand and marketing director. "There are different constructions for all components within the shoe. Also, because of different designs in apparel these days, there are requests for more durable meshes."

There will be a wide range of Cordura AFT knit fabric constructions available to footwear brands, including: laminated 3-D mesh spacer fabric for athletic shoes, 3-D spacer fabrics used in athletic sport shoes and breathable back and harness panels for bags and packs, waterproof laminated outer shell fabrics for hiking, trail running and safety boots, and water-repellent outer shell fabrics can be spot-laminated to polyurethane breathable, waterproof membrane inner shell fabrics for hiking boots, among others.


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