Carmelo Anthony Will Address Social Justice Issues With Upcoming Sneakers

Carmelo Anthony wants to use his signature sneakers to make a difference.

Carmelo Anthony at Madison Square Garden
Image via USA Today Sports / Adam Hunger
Carmelo Anthony at Madison Square Garden

Carmelo Anthony is no stranger to social causes. The New York Knick was one of the first pro athletes to speak out about the Black Lives Matter movement and urged other people in his position to do the same.

Next year, Melo's involvement with these issues is going to be represented on his sneakers. At Foot Locker's fifth annual Week of Greatness event in New York City earlier this week, the player confirmed he's working on a shoe coming out at the top of 2017 that will hopefully motivate people to do social good.

"The time is right to be a leader in my community," Melo said. "We're going to try to incorporate social justice [into our sneakers] with everything that's going on right now." 

The Jordan Brand endorser was slim on the details of whether this move will be related to his current signature sneaker model, his next signature, or if it will be through Jordan Brand at all. 

"We're using the sneaker world [to] make it all come together. It's going to make sense. It's not just about telling you to go out and buy a sneaker. It's going to have meaning behind it," he said. "We want to create an aura with the people in this culture and in our society."

Although Melo was mum on the specifics of the shoe, he did say that it is something that people will talk about. "It's a conversation starter that starts with the actual shoe," Melo said. "It starts with the colors and what flavors you have, and then it's going to lead to a deeper, broader message that can continue that conversation."

It wasn't all seriousness at the event, though. The player also unveiled his latest ad for the retail sneaker chain where he pokes fun at his lack of NBA championships. You can view the spot below. 

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