Quickstrike: Tinker Hatfield Admits He's Never Really Designed a Sneaker For Himself

Russ Bengtson and DJ Clark Kent are back in part 2 of Quickstrike with legendary designer Tinker Hatfield to talk about what goes into designing sneakers.

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Legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield invited Quickstrike's Russ Bengtson and DJ Clark Kent to Nike Campus in Beaverton, Ore. to talk, well, anything and everything Nike related. 

In part 2 of the Beaverton trip Russ and Clark hit Tinker with a question never before proposed to him and explains the difference between designing things for himself versus for others. The trio speculate and quip on whether Tinker would be able to design a sneaker tailored to him and if Nike would actually subsidize it. All jokes aside, make sure you check out part 2 of Quickstrike's sit down with the gawd to see everything they talked about.

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