JLaw Has Bigger Guns Than You Do; Deal With It

JLaw flexes 01


JLaw flexes 01

Even if you didn't buy tickets, Jennifer Lawrence just gave some free tickets to the gun show.

Coming off the much anticipated release of her latest film, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1, JLaw was spotted out in New York City on her way to the gym, and clearly her training is paying off. Lawrence flexed all over the paparazzi and onlookers outfitted in a basic adidas workout tank, and her ripped arms may give some of you a reason to go hit the weight room. We've seen Lawrence around the gym a lot over the summer, and even featured her in our 10 Celebrities and the Sneakers They Won’t Stop Wearing feature. If JLaw's got enough time for a gym session between interviews, and television appearances to promote her new film, then what's your excuse?

Check out the full photo of JLaw striking fear into the paparazzi here, and use it to channel your inner Katniss.


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