Get Schooled On the Nike Free By It's Designer, Tobie Hatfield

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The Nike Free technology helped dominate the market and catapult the swoosh to the top of the running category. Nike is currently celebrating 10-years of Free's and after such a long time, it's always good to brush up on your history. Even better, this week's history lesson is brought to you by non-other then the man who created it, Tobie Hatfield.

Hatfield sat down with Design Boom to discuss the Free technology and how it was conceived. When asked about his inspiration, Hatfield said "Our challenge was to design a shoe that allowed you to feel as close to running barefoot on the grass as possible while giving optimum protection to your feet in typical training and city environments." Five years later, the Nike Free technology was born and has yet to look back.

Check out the video for more details on the Nike Free concept, and to learn more from Hatfield and his innovations at Nike check out the full interview here.


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