Debunking Drake's Kendrick Lamar Sneaker Diss | The Complex Sneakers Show

On the latest episode of the Complex Sneakers Show, cohosts Matt Welty, Brendan Dunne and Joe La Puma discuss Dake's Kendrick Lamar sneaker diss.

Drake dissed Kendrick Lamar last week for being a “big stepper” with a size-7 men’s on, but it turns out the bar wasn’t actually factual. As the Rap War of 2024 now includes a footwear-related jab, co-hosts Joe La Puma, Brendan Dunne, and Matt Welty reacted to the line and also talk about the clarification, from sneaker store Rif LA, that Lamar is in fact a few sizes up from that. Also, the co-hosts discuss Nike’s Olympic rollout of its A.I.R. prototypes in Paris, the plan to have less Air Force 1s in the market, and just how good Anthony Edwards’ AE 1 is.