How Does Nike SNKRS Exclusive Access Work?

The Nike SNKRS app has updated its Exclusive Access release model, which gives users with higher engagement access to coveted releases. Here's how it works.

Off-White x Nike Dunk Low SNKRS Special

Image via Nike

Off-White x Nike Dunk Low SNKRS Special

UPDATED 06/17/21 3:30 p.m. ET: Nike has updated its SNKRS Exclusive Access post with some additional information. 

The latest update clarifies that Exclusive Access can be sent to users prior to a launch, after a launch, or in certain Exclusive Access-only cases, in place of a standard release. It also notes that Exclusive Access is always sent via a push notication and encourages users to make sure their settings are properly set. The opportunities are only good for a limited window of time and do not guarantee a reservation, but a chance to purchase the shoes. 

With regards to things members can do to improve their chances, it mentions that there are over 50 different variables considered including the engagement factors listed below.

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The Nike SNKRS app has been a frequent source of frustration for sneaker fans since it launched in 2015. As the story often goes, Nike drops a limited sneaker on the platform, thousands try to buy it, but very few are successful and many are left empty-handed. If you’re one of the users who have been struggling to cop a limited release on the app, Nike is offering more insight on how to improve your chances to score hyped pairs. 

Today, Nike confirmed that an update to the SNKRS app’s Exclusive Access launch model is coming this summer prior to the anticipated release of Off-White’s 50-shoe Nike Dunk Low collection. According to the brand, the framework is designed to help Nike members and SNKRS users gain personalized access to coveted releases based on how active they are on the platform.

This includes checking out the app’s various content series like the “Behind the Design” videos, participating with polls, entering launches, and engaging in SNKRS Live sessions. Nike says the more active the user is, the more personal the Exclusive Access invitations become.

The Nike SNKRS app’s latest launch model will officially come into effect this summer with invitations for the Off-White x Nike Dunk Low collection going out to select members starting on Monday, Aug. 9 and continuing over the next few days.