What Actual Chefs Think of Steph Curry's Shoes

We polled some industry insiders to get their feelings on "Chef" Curry 2 Lows.

Image via Renarts

Everybody has an opinion on the "Chef" Curry 2 Lows, which have been shredded on social media since the above image of the Steph Curry shoe started making the rounds last week. The WWE clowned the shoe, Stephen Colbert had something to say about them, Jimmy Kimmel mocked them, and your favorite Twitter personalities definitely got some jokes off as well. But what do actual chefs, which the shoes purport to be inspired by, think of the sneakers?

Those who work tirelessly in kitchens are usually looking for function over fashion when it comes to their footwear. Some brands have sought a happy medium between the two, with Vans in particular winning points for its kitchen-specific sneakers. Still, it's a worthwhile pursuit to get input from chefs on these universally maligned shoes that are supposed to be representing them. Here, we polled five chefs to get their hot takes on this Under Armour Curry 2 Low. See their responses below.

Jean-Paul Bourgeois

Richie Nakano

Eddie Huang

Corey Cova

Ed Lee