This Guy Has Been Waiting in Line for Yeezys for 4 Days

Meet a man who is very dedicated to the Yeezy pursuit.

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Those who have wasted spent any time trying to buy a pair of Yeezys know just how demanding the process is. Take the guy in the above video for example, who has by now spent at least four days waiting in line for this weekend's adidas Yeezy 350 V2 that releases this weekend.

The video is from Harley Morenstein, the YouTube star behind Epic Meal Time. In the clip, his friend Ameer breaks down what sort of dedication it takes to actually secure a pair of the Yeezys and tells a story about jumping up spots in line after people deserted their posts.

The line captured is outside Canadian sneaker store Exclucity, one of the retailers lucky enough to be carrying the Yeezys.