Tom Brady Really Wore "Chef" Curry Shoes for Game 6

Brady not afraid to rock the infamous all-white sneaker.

Image via Tom Brady

Despite the sneakers being harshly criticized on social media, Steph Curry's standing behind his "Chef" shoes. Fellow Under Armour endorser Tom Brady is as well–he shared this photo on his Facebook last night of himself wearing the white Curry 2 Low while watching Game 6 of the 2016 NBA Finals.

The pair Brady wore might even be the same exact one Curry wore during practice this week–it's got the same "Straight Fire" endorsement on the toe of the right shoe.

Under Armour's mostly kept silent about the Twitter slaying of this sneaker, so it's not hard to imagine that Brady's social media approval of the pair was directed by the brand to some extent as a clandestine way to fight back against the negative comments.