Steph Curry Got a Sneaker Cake for His Birthday

The MVP celebrates 28 years.

Steph Curry Sneaker Cake
Image via The Shoe Game
Steph Curry Sneaker Cake

Under Armour's "Birthday" Curry 2 is more than just a sneaker. Yesterday, as Steph Curry celebrated his 28th year, he got an actual cake fashioned after the shoe.

The cake does a decent job recreating the model, down to the "SC" logo on the tongue and the colorful treatment that runs along the bottom. The colors on bottom are of course inspired by sprinkles used on birthday treats, so this is sort of a meta moment as far as the cake is concerned.

Curry wore a never-before-seen low version of the shoe, also known as the "Surprise Party" Curry 2, during last night's Warriors win over the Pelicans.