That Time Rich the Kid Stole Bikes to Buy Jordans

Rich the Kid talks about stealing bikes to buy Jordans.

Most readers of this site have done something absurd to acquire a pair of sneakers at one point or another. Rapper Rich the Kid knows that struggle, having one obtained a pair of Jordans via unscrupulous behavior. The shoe in question was the Air Jordan 8 in the "Bugs Bunny" colorway, which he talks about in the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping.

"I went and got some bikes, you know what I'm sayin'? Went around the neighborhood, found some bikes, took 'em to the bike store, sold like five bikes," the rapper says. "Got the money, then I got 'em. Had to hit a juug."

How did he get the bikes? Rich the Kid doesn't explain it in the episode, but the implication is pretty clear.

Other topics include his background in skateboarding and his plan to design an Off-White shoe with Virgil Abloh.


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