These Are All the People Who Won Nike Mags

A complete list of Nike Mag winners following the shoe's 2016 charity release with power lacing.

Nike Mag 2016
Image via Nike
Nike Mag 2016

The 2016 Nike Mag was a very limited release, with Nike making the Back to the Future shoes available only via online raffle and a handful of charity auctions across the world. So who was lucky enough to win through either of those routes and obtain the legendary Marty McFly sneaker?

Thanks to the official rules of the Nike Mag release via The Draw, the company that ran the raffle is compelled to make public a list of all the winners, whose names appear below.

Curiously, these winners don't appear to account for every single pair. Nike said it was making 89 available, three of which were sold via charity auctions, which should leave the below list with 86 winners. Only 81 names appear on the official list of Nike Mag winners. Scroll down to find out who got a pair.

Nike Mag Winners:

Charlene A.
Rex A.
Jamilah C.
Philip H.
Tammie J.
Keegan K.
Chanica K.
Michael O.
Corazon R.
Gurson S.
Jiahao Y.

Felton A.
Mike C.
Jacky C.
Christopher D.
Jose D.
Christina D.
Kareem E.
Luis G.
Runchao H.
Yifeng L.
Mayra R.
David R.
Manuel R.
Ryan T.
Spencer T.
Nomeet V.
Rodolfo V.
Mark W.
Jerry Y.
Tony Z.

Adnan A.
Jens A.
Chance B.
Leon B.
Quinten D.
Latoya D.
Richard E.
Kevin F.
Haunting G.
Jack H.
Tajwarul I.
Christopher J.
Vahram K.
Mardig K.
Zachary L.
Erika M.
Raphael M.
David M.
Dillon M.
Jias N.
Ian O.
Freddy O.
Arthur P.
Jordan R.
Demetrio R.
Joshua R.
Barry R.
Davis S.
LeVale S.
Anthony T.
Maralee W.
Broderick W.
Dale W.

Don A.
Aaron B.
David C.
Chris C.
Chris C.
Albert G.
Matthew H.
Blair J.
Benjamin K.
Michael M.
Kyriakos M.
Phillip N.
Kat R.
Cuong T.
Jared T.
Jeff W.
Claudia W.

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