Never-Before-Seen Nike LeBron Shoe Surfaces

Nike's LeBron Ambassador 10 model has leaked; here's a first look.

Nike LeBron Ambassador 10
Nike LeBron Ambassador 10

While the LeBron Soldier is the most talked-about takedown silo from the Nike LeBron line at the moment, it isn't the only one. There's also the Nike LeBron Ambassador series, which looks like it may have a leak on its hands thanks to the above photo.

The image depicts what is purportedly the Ambassador 10, a sneaker that's not yet been announced by Nike. The shoe plants a strap on the upper like the Soldier 11, and has what looks like the same tooling on bottom.

There is no confirmed sneaker release date information for this LeBron model yet, which isn't exactly surprising given that Nike doesn't usually communicate much around takedown shoes like this.