J.R. Smith Gets Exclusive Nike LeBrons

J.R. Smith has his own colorway of the Nike LeBron 13 Low.

LeBron 13 Low JR Smith
Image via Nike
LeBron 13 Low JR Smith

J.R. Smith's time in Cleveland has been good to him, bringing a ring to the finger of the fan-favorite small forward. It's also earned him exclusive sneakers from LeBron's Nike line, the latest of which is this pair.

The Nike LeBron 13 Low doesn't appear to have any specific markings connecting it to Smith, but this is nonetheless a colorway that won't be available to anyone else.

Smith also had a PE Nike LeBron 13 Low for the NBA Finals this year.

The LeBron 13 Low is almost certainly on its way out, with LeBron James' next signature model right around the corner.

JR Smith LeBron 13 Low Sole
JR Smith LeBron 13 Toe