Nike Gave Sneakers to People Sitting Courtside at Kobe Bryant's Last Game

From the "Fade to Black" pack.

Image via Darren Rovell

Some of the dedicated fans sitting courtside for Kobe Bryant's last NBA game tonight will be rewarded with free pairs of the "Fade to Black" Nike Kobe 11. ESPN's Darren Rovell posted about the giveaway on Twitter, saying that Nike dropped off 20 pairs in courtside seats.

The sneaker, which released just hours ago, features today's date on the back end as a reminder of the historic event it's connected to.

Nike also draped its "Love/Hate" Kobe shirt over seats at the STAPLES Center, helping attendees get on the same page with a black/gold color scheme.

Rovell's tweet on the giveaway includes a rare bit of info on just how limited these are—according to him, Nike only made 2,000 pairs.

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