How Mike Vick's Air Jordans Made It to the Football Hall of Fame

Michael Vick's Air Jordans are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame; here's why.

Air Jordan 17 White Red
Image via Flight Club
Air Jordan 17 White Red

Among the many career distinctions of legendary quarterback Michael Vick is that he's responsible for the only pair of basketball shoes that are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The sneakers are a pair of white and red Air Jordan 17s that Vick wore during his epic overtime win over the Vikings in December 2002. So elite was his performance—he broke the single-game record for most rushing yards for a QB and the record for longest touchdown run in overtime by a QB—​that the Hall asked for the sneakers.

"I never knew those shoes would end up in the Hall of Fame," Vick says in an extensive piece on his footwear history at The Undefeated. "It’s funny that Jordans ended up in the Hall instead of my shoes. Just bad timing."

Vick's signature line hadn't released by that point, but it was already well ​underway—Nike started working on the shoes in 2001, before he even signed with the brand.

While Vick's Air Jordans, which aren't on display at Hall currently, are the only basketball sneakers in its archives, they're not the only Jordans. Per The Undefeated, Jordan cleats from Jason Taylor and Charles Woodson are also there.