Under Armour Athlete Michael Phelps Wears Nike on Sports Illustrated Cover

Olympic star Michael Phelps spotted in Nike instead of Under Armour.

Michael Phelps wearing Nike on Sports Illustrated cover
Image via Sports Illustrated



Unapproved Source: Sports Illustrated


Michael Phelps wearing Nike on Sports Illustrated cover

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all-time, appears to have made a massive wardrobe misplay. On the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated, the swimmer is wearing Nike sweatpants, despite being an Under Armour athlete since 2010.

How did Phelps end up wearing the apparel of a rival brand on such a massive platform? His agent and a rep at Under Armour told Bloomberg that Phelps was required to wear Nike for the shoot because it sponsors Team USA for the Olympics, but other sources are saying that's not so.

Making things all the more curious is that the Nike Swoosh on Phelps' pants is the only visible logo on the cover–fellow Olympians Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles (wearing Nike and Under Armour, respectively) show no logos on their apparel.

He's of course been spotted in Nike at the Olympics, taking to the medal stand in the brand's gear due to its sponsorship of Team USA.

Phelps has been staunchly dedicated to Under Armour in the past, even claiming in an interview that he'd never worn Nike before in his life. Phelps was born in Baltimore where Under Armour began and is currently headquartered.

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