The Ball Family Is Getting Its Own Reality Show

LaVar Ball and his whole family are getting their own reality show on Facebook.

Ever feel like there just isn't enough content around LaVar Ball and his family out there? If so, here's some good news: Facebook is launching a documentary-style show around the Ball clan this week. The first two episodes of the show, called Ball in the Family, will be available on Facebook's new Watch platform on Aug. 31, with new episodes premiering on Sundays beginning on Sept. 10.

One can only hope that the show provides more info on the budding Big Baller Brand sneaker business, although there's unfortunately little of that in the trailer above. Instead, the focus is on the family dynamics and the rarely seen mother, Tina Ball.

In a comment uncharacteristically devoid of any exclamation or superlative, the most outspoken member of the Ball family expressed his excitement for the show.

"We wanted to give our fans an unfiltered look into our lives and show them a side of us that isn’t typically seen," said LaVar Ball via press release.

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