Watch LaVar Ball Explain Why Big Baller Brand Sneakers Cost More Than Jordans

LaVar Ball explains why Lonzo Ball's Big Baller Brand sneakers cost more than Jordans.

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Yes, Lonzo Ball's first Big Baller Brand signature sneaker really costs $495. What makes his father LaVar feel like he can charge that much for a shoe from a brand that has absolutely no credibility in the sneaker marketplace?

"It's not just a shoe you just go into a store or something like that and you say, 'You know what, let me get the Kyries, the LeBrons, and by the way, throw in the Z02s,'" LaVar explained on sports talk show Undisputed this week. "Nah, Z02s mean something, that's why the price tag is like that." He added that the price is there because his son is the first player to have his own brand before ever playing a game in the NBA.

Talk turned to Michael Jordan, whose rookie year sneakers cost just $65 in comparison. How does LaVar justify the disparity in price?

"[Michael Jordan] ain't Lonzo Ball," he managed to say with a straight face. He then came back to the argument that the Big Baller Brand Z02 sneaker is significant because of the family having its own brand.

The shoe has been widely mocked on the internet since its unveiling on Thursday. Despite that, LaVar is confident about the brand's prospects in the video above. While he refused to disclose actual sales figures, he claimed that the brand has sold at least 495 pairs of sneakers so far.