Latrell Sprewell Says His Spinner Sneakers Are Retroing

Latrell Sprewell says his spinner sneakers are coming back in 2018.

Dada Spinners Retro Sneakers
Dada Spinners Retro Sneakers

Earlier this year, retired NBA All-Star Latrell Sprewell suggested that he was interested in putting together a retro version of his spinning rim sneakers. He confirmed that it's happening on Thursday night, posting on Twitter about the sneakers' return.

First, Sprewell posted an image of the Dada brand shoes and mentioned that they "might make a return soon."

These might make a return soon.

After that he committed further, saying that the shoes are releasing in 2018.

I am totally overwhelmed with fans of my Spinner shoes. Coming back in 2018. Can't wait to share more details soon.

Among the supporters of the proposed comeback for the Dada Supreme Spinners sneakers is Kevin Garnett, who said on-air in February that he needs a size 15.