Does Emmanuel Mudiay's Under Armour Logo Look Like a Swastika to You?

Emmanuel Mudiay's Under Armour logo getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

Image via Isaiah J. Downing for USA TODAY Sports

Under Armour's latest logo for one of its endorsers is drawing some unfortunate comparisons. The logo, tweeted out on Thursday by ESPN's Darren Rovell, is for Nuggets point guard Emmanuel Mudiay.

What's wrong with the mark? People online say it looks rather like a swastika, an emblem that no sportswear brand wants to be involved with for obvious reasons. Replies to Rovell's tweet showing off the logo called out the questionable design.

@darrenrovell looks a bit 'Third Reich-ish'
@darrenrovell they may want to rethink that. Too close to a swastika. @UnderArmour
@darrenrovell that's terrible looks like a swastika

Per Rovell, the brand has merely filed a trademark for the logo–it doesn't appear to have slapped this emblem on any apparel or shoes just yet.